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Conference on Analysis and Geometry

Hefei   From 2015/8/4 to 2015/8/9

In recent years we have witnessed dramatic developments in geometric analysis where the interplay of analysis and geometry plays a key role in these celebrated works. To name a few, the proof of the Poincare and the geometrization conjectures by Perelman, the quarter pinching conjecture by Brendle-Schoen, the Lawson Conjecture by Brendle, the Willmore Conjecture by Marques-Neves and Yau' stability conjecture on Fano manifolds by Chen-Donaldson-Sun. We therefore believe that it is important to bring together an active group of researchers in analysis and geometry, in an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, for the purpose of stimulating further research in this broad and dynamic field.

While the conference is primarily intended as a scientic event, we would also like to take this opportunity to commemorate the deep and original contributions to geometric analysis made by the late Professor Ding Weiyue, whose work has influenced and inspired a new generation of Chinese geometric analysts. We believe there could be no more appropriate way to memorialize Ding's mathematical work than by dedicating this conference to his legacy. We do so in the same spirit that Ding himself would have advocated, in the hope that this conference will become both a celebration of youth, originality, and devotion to the mathematical sciences, and an avenue for the establishment of new ties of friendship and collaboration across disciplinary, cultural and geographical borders.